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Epicurial started in 2016 with Jé, Thom, Vico, Louis and Charles during a road trip in the Basque Country in the South-West of France. We felt it would be great to share our values and our rides with our friends and decided to create Epicurial.

We are a group of Parisian bikers, friends sharing the same passion as well as common values. For us, riding is synonymous with freedom, friendship, elegance, openness and mutual respect. Epicurial is about the continued pursuit of happiness through exploring. It is as much about the destination as about the ways to get there. Epicurial is pleasure through landscapes, machines and people.

After a few months of posting images of our bikes, rides and daily adventures, we were glad to find that we were being followed by more than 5.000 people from around the world. We started answering emails and comments and for the first time since the beginning of this project, we realised that the Epicurial community was finally alive!

We felt it would be great to have some kit of our own, so that people riding with us or just concurring with our initiative could promote their Epicurial group affiliation. We collectively designed subtle yet distinctive pieces of clothing. We’ve worked hard to make it happen, and are very pleased to announce that our capsule collection is now available.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@epicurial_motorcycle) and do not hesitate to drop us a line should you have any questions on Epicurial, our values, our people or our next projects.

We hope that you'll appreciate Epicurial as much as we appreciate riding together.

The Epicurial Crew

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